This is How Neat Printing Must Go!

Hey peeps!
I revamped a few of my focus wall posters and thought I'd share them with you all.

Sloppy printing makes me CUH-RAZY! We work on it a lot in class. A lot! My kiddos no my expectation and work hard to write neatly most of the time.

I created this poem to help my kiddos remember the basic rules of printing.
We recite this little ditty every day during the first few weeks of school. Then, refer to it often as the year progresses.
"Are your letters with tails dropping below?"
"Hey, doesn't g have a tail?"
"Whoah! Look at how perfectly Cammie's letters stop at the lines with the dots!"

Having the visual reminder on the focus wall for the kids to refer to is helpful, too!

This little poem sits on the board beside these little reminders.

After laminating my focus wall posters, I put self-sticking magnets on the back of them so I can move them around as needed.

My focus wall is on the side wall in my classroom, but I will move a poster to our main white board when we're focusing on a skill. This also makes these reminders part of the learning, and not simply decoration.

If you'd like a FREE copy of these posters for yourself, click the pic below to visit my Facebook page. The focus wall posters are FAN FREEBIES. Just click the fan freebies tab (viewable on a computer) on my FB page.

Have a fabulous week!

Day of the Dead! and a freebie!

Hay Y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher!
I wanted to share a little about how I begin each November.
Day of the sounds so... scary? macabre?
But the more I learn about it, the more I appreciate how special the holiday is!
I first learned about DOD from a teammate who did projects with her kiddos. She gave me the rundown and we made pretty skulls with lots lots of glitter, skeleton puppets, and dead authors projects. I must say it intrigued me.
But I didn't teach anything about the reason for the holiday.
then I moved down to 2nd grade.
would it be too scary for them?
Why, that's silly! It's a HOLIDAY for Heaven's sake!
Day of the Dead is a 2 day celebration from Nov. 1-2

I spend a day reading, talking, sharing, and creating about DOD.
We read about all the why's and what's first thing in our minibooks.
And this year with The Book of Life movie, I think the kids will really connect!
So here's a peek at what we do

We used trifolds to display info of a favorite author who has died. I did this with my 4th graders! We attached paper marigolds and added altar details like candles. They did all their research in the lab using the note taking booklet I made.

Oh the skulls! Aren't they beautiful!? This is still my favorite activity!
We also buy Pan de los Muertos (bread of the dead) from a local shop and enjoy it while we watch a slideshow our ESL teacher does with us. She is from Columbia and they love hearing her first-hand knowledge.
If you're interested in learning about Day of the Dead, check out my unit! There's tons more to choose from!
and here's a little freebie! We focus on the traditions and important figures when we study holidays, so I just added this little traditions writing page! You can watch a video (or use my unit) and have the kids tell what they learned about each of these traditions!
click to download from Google Drive

PLUS-Here's a little bit of Halloween goodness for you! ALL my Halloween/October products are HALF off today only!...10 more days til Halloween! Are you ready?!?!

Preppin' For Conferences {Freebie}

Hey guys! It's Stephanie from Falling Into First stopping by tonight to talk about Parent Teacher Conference prep. It's that time of year again over in my neck of the woods. Is anyone else scurrying to prep for conferences?

Parent Teacher Conference Forms (Free)

As part of my conference prep, I send home a short parent survey a few days before conferences to help give me a better idea of how to structure my conversation with each family. We only get 15-20 minutes TOPS to talk and the time goes by FAST! I want to know what they're seeing at home: areas of growth, areas they want to see growth, if they're child is reading, and how homework is going. Also, I want to know if there is anything they have questions about or would like to discuss in detail. This ensures I can properly address it during the conference. It also helps give you a heads up about what's on their mind. Nothing is worse than having to field a question you weren't anticipating on the spot!

Parent Teacher Conference Parent Survey (Free)

This next sheet is a quick glance at writing, behavior, and assessment scores. It will go inside the manila folders that I put together for each child.

Parent Teacher Conference Forms (Free)

The manila folders make it super easy to grab and be ready with everything I need when a family walks in. They will also get to take this folder home with them. There is nothing cute or fancy about these folders. Just plain folders with the child's name written on them. Here is a list of all the items that might go into a child's conference folder.

Prepping for Parent Teacher Conferences

I put the two conferences sheets I showed you above into a little freebie.
Click the cover below to download these forms.

 Alright kids, I'm off to keep prepping for my conferences.
Burning some midnight oil over here.

 I'd love for you to stop by and visit me on my Blog, Facebook, or Instagram!


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