Twas The Week Before Christmas Break...

Hello sweet Hoppers!! Christmas Break has finally rolled around to my neck of the woods... PTL & Hallelujah!!! ;) Now that it has I wanted to share a few very random highlights from our final week together. If you're anything like me right now school is the *last* thing on your mind for a little while. So I'm thinking this is one of those posts where you can just PIN to keep things handy for the go around next year.

1. Our Class Book Exchange!!!

We asked all the first graders to bring in a new or gently used wrapped book. When it was time for the big exchange we sat in a circle, books in hand. Then I read them this little story I typed up. The idea is, every time they hear the word "Left" or "Right" they have to pass the book in their hands in that direction. I take zero credit for the idea. There are various stories floating around Pinterest and such. However, lazy minute Lucy that I am over here waited til the last possible second to remember this detail. So I just wrote this one up quick on the fly. It was a huge giggle fest mess for the most part. Books were flying in every direction!! But it definitely added loads of laughter and fun to the exchange!

The Right Children
The Right children always left out the milk and cookies before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. Little Wendy Right asked Tommy Right if their stocking had been hung up their stockings with care? Tommy told her he had left them in just the right spot. Mr. Right heard his children talking and asked them why they were up past their bedtime. He told them Santa only left presents for the children who went right to bed. So off the children scurried, and right in time! When they got to their bedrooms they could hear footsteps on the rooftop. Left and right feet walking towards their chimney. And in the morning, they found their stockings had been left full of presents. Only a few crumbs on the cookie plate were left untouched. They knew right away, the magical Christmas fun was just beginning! This left a big smile on both of their faces. 

 2. The Hot Chocolate Bar!! I shared this picture on my Instagram account and got a lot of comments from people who liked the idea of making hot chocolate in the crock-pot. If you've ever wanted to make it at school but didn't know how, the crock-pot is a game changer!!! Just use LOTS of packets (12-15 ish per pot) and add milk or water. Set it on high for 30-45 min and you're ready to go. The kids love picking out toppings to add like: marshmallow, candy canes, whip cream, sprinkles.

 {Come find me --- >  @Fallingintofirst on Instagram!! #sugarhigh}

 3. We finished up my favorite snowmen ornaments again! {Read more here} They were bagged and ready to go under the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

4. Christmas Around The World travels are complete!! The suitcases went home, til' next year!

It's a whirlwind week for sure. This isn't even the half of it, just the random parts when I remembered to snap a picture. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas in just five short days!!!

Color-Your-Own Bookmarks!

Hello Blog Hoppers!  Ashley, The School Supply Addict, here.

I'm sure everyone is doing the crazy-week-before-Christmas-break dance.  I'm going crazy!  My sweet little kinders are doing wonderfully, but it's all the extras that come with this week.  I need a nap, wine, time in the hot tub, and little elves to visit my house and clean.  Haha!

I thought I'd share a quick little freebie with you today.... color-your-own bookmarks!  My kids absolutely love reading and now that they are starting to get into longer books, they're in need of some bookmarks.  I went ahead and whipped up these fun ones that we'll be making after our break.  I'll have my kids color them and then I'll laminate them to keep them nice and "fancy."  They'll all be getting all four bookmarks, but you can certainly cut them and have your kids choose one.  I'm going to have my kids keep two at school and two at home.

The black & white version is the one that you receive, but I went ahead and colored one to show you how fun they can look.  Simple & fun.  :)

Click the image to download on TPT, or click here.

I hope you can use them!  Have a wonderful break and Merry Christmas!


Holiday Hustle! A Spelling Game


Hey all! It’s Kathleen from Growing Kinders!

I am always looking for fun and creative ways for my kiddos to practice their spelling words.  I use Words Their Way for my spelling curriculum, and we always start our word work with a spelling sort.  Sometimes I have 4 different sorts running in my classroom since kids are working at their own level. 


That means, I have to be pretty generic with my spelling activities.  I use a lot of the activities from my Word Work Activities for the Frugal Teacher pack.




My kiddos also use Spelling City to practice on the ipads, but more often than not, they would rather play a board game with their friends!  This game is SUPER simple, and you can add it to your word work activities THIS week for some super fun spelling practice!  Simple glue the game board and instructions into a file folder and get to work!  We use dry erase boards, but you could also just use regular paper!


You can download this for free over in my TpT shop!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!


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