Essential Oils in the Classroom: Beginner's Guide

Hello Blog Hoppers! It's Natalie from What the Teacher Wants and today I'm going to share with you a little secret… I love essential oils!

I've been using essential oils for almost 3 years. Let me first tell you how I got started. A friend introduced me to essential oils shortly after my second child was born. I had been experiencing a little postpartum anxiety and my good friend mentioned that there was an oil (Balance) that acted as a natural way to help with anxiety and, guess what, it worked! After that, I wanted to see what else the essential oils could do, so I ordered a few more, then a few more, and now I have almost every essential oil that doTERRA makes. I use them at home and in my classroom and have really loved finding more natural ways to help my family and my students. 

Recently I've been getting lots of questions from friends about essential oils so I thought I'd write a little post about using them in your classroom. 

Here is my beginner's guide to getting started with essential oils in your classroom:

  • In this picture, you'll see the Aroma Lite Diffuser and three essential oils that come in an Introductory Kit. They are three  popular essential oils (lemon, lavender and peppermint) that can be used for many different things and are great for classroom use. 
  • Diffusing oils in the classroom is a great way to use essential oils. It breaks the essential oils down into smaller particles and works as aromatherapy when your students breathe the air.
  • In a nutshell, lemon can help energize the students in the classroom and also helps clean and freshen the air. Lavender helps with calming and can help students feel more relaxed. Peppermint helps to relieve stress and can help students be more focused.

  • I also recommend the line of On Guard products. In this picture you see the On Guard Foaming Hand Soap, pump, and essential oil
  • On guard is a fabulous oil in the classroom because it helps support the immune system, can help clean the air, and kills airborne pathogens. Diffusing this oil during cold and flu season can help you and your students stay healthy! 
  • I also love using the foaming hand soap in my classroom. I feel that it does a much better job of cleaning gross germs than regular soap.

More tips:

  • Getting started with essential oils can be overwhelming. There are lots of different oils that can help with all sorts of things. They can also be pretty expensive. Find one or two oils you'd like to try and then go from there. 
  • I like to use Pinterest as a way to find good ways to use essential oils. Click here to find more websites on how to use essential oils in the classroom.
  • To learn more about essential oils, you can watch this video

Besides teaching and blogging, I am also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. You can visit my webpage to look around, or if you have any further questions about essential oils, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to respond to all your questions. 

Thanks for reading and have a very happy weekend!

{Love, Natalie!}

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The Bubbly Blonde

Busy with Owls and Pumpkins

Hi Friends!  It's Stacy from Mrs. Johnson's First Grade wanting to quickly share some fun ideas we have done to celebrate Fall and Halloween so far this month.  This was actually something I had done a few years ago and wanted to bring it back again this year because it was so much fun!

I try to keep Halloween about fun rather than "scary" for my First Graders because I do have a few every year who don't celebrate it.  We had been learning about nocturnal animals so I ordered Owl Pellets  from again to learn more about owls.  It comes with posters and skeleton maps!  The students got to match the bones they found to the bone map to find out what their owls ate.

We also used Pumpkin seeds to practice counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's.  This activity also introduced them to Place Value as they worked to find out how many seeds were in their pumpkin.  This was a 2 day activity.
Day 1: We emptied out the pumpkins and washed the seeds.

Next, I read them the story "How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?" by Margaret McNamara and Brian Karas.  This got them thinking how they might count the seeds.

 I took the seeds home and baked them so they were ready for them to count the next day.

Day 2: The class decided that counting by 10's would be the easiest and fastest way to count them.  I gave them little cups to hold their groups of 10 and larger cups to hold groups of 100.
It's pretty simple and easy to do.  Plus it gets the students working together and having fun!

We still have more we want to do with pumpkins next week....Life Cycle of Pumpkins!   Sorry I don't have that to share yet!  Check back on my blog soon!

Have a great week!


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