It's BACK!!! Scavenger Hunt 2015!!

 Oh, SNAP!  It's baaaaaack!!! 

We've been getting a lot of questions on Instagram. Are we or aren't we this year?!

#instafun #getreadytogetsnaphappy #hashtagsfordays

So without further adieu...

The second annual Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt is officially underway!!! 

Hey y'all!! It's Stephanie from Falling Into First and I can't wait to share all the details about this year's hunt with you!!!

It all began last year when we started thinking about ways we could all have some fun with our new favorite form of social media; Instagram. So we got snap happy. And hashtag happy. Pretty soon teachers from all over were joining in. They started getting their families involved. We loved it!!! And it turned into such a FUN way to meet new teacher friends on Instagram while embracing the laid back and carefree spirit that is summer break.

Check out these great highlights from last year's hunt.

                   And now we're ready to do it all again!

Here's some more exciting news. At the end of the scavenger hunt there is a winner. 

Are you ready to see this year's grand prize?!

This huge prize bundle includes:

*An iPad for you and your classroom

*$100 iTunes Gift Card to purchase apps

*A gorgeous personalized iPad case from 

I KNOW!!!! I want to win it too!!!

Now let's get you started.

This is NOT a photography contest.  We're focusing on QUANTITY over quality.  So use your cell phones, your tablets, or your cameras. They are all welcome!!

Also, make sure your Instagram account is NOT set on Private for the next 3 weeks. This way we can see all your hard earned pictures! If you prefer to have a private accounts you can always switch it back to private after the hunt.

It's true. Go ahead and delete your account at the end of the month if you'd rather not commit to another (or any) form of social media for the long haul. But our crew over here is without a doubt a bunch of Insta-addicts. So we're pretty confident you will want to stay the course. ;)

There are over 200 items for you to seek and find.

We don't expect you to find them all! Really. 

You'll need 90 points total at the end of the hunt. And, we've included an easy-peezy 30 Point Starting Bonus this year to get you started!!! {See details & rules below}

When you find something on the list: snap a pic & include a sign that says:


The signs help keep us all honest :) You can download ours below.

But do you really have to carry that sign with you everywhere you go??
Nope! You can go ahead and make your own. Check out these examples from last year. 

We're all about keeping it real here folks. Sometimes a simple DIY is the way to go!
But remember, no photo shopping in pictures of the sign or trying to sneak in old photos without the sign. In order to keep things fair we need everyone to be sharing pictures taken DURING the hunt. Hence the signs. #nocheatsplease

You'll need to label each picture, include the #bloghoppin2015 hashtag, and keep a running tally of your points in the following format: (___ / 90)  So let's say you took advantage of the 30 Point Starting Bonus. (#obvi) And you've just posted your third hunt picture. At the end of your post you would record your point tally like this... (33/90). That way you can easily keep track of how many points you've earned, and we can too!

Also, let's say you took 4 pictures in a day but you don't want to post 4 pictures in a row. 
You can use a collage app to combine them all in one picture, like this: 

And you'll still receive 4 points!! 

Whew!!!! That was a lot of information. But I promise, it really is easy. 

Especially once you get rolling.

{Download the rules and official list of items HERE.} 

The biggest reason we enjoy hosting this little hunt is getting to have fun with all of YOU!!!

We're SO excited to find new friends to follow and see all the fun things you find.

We'll be showing off some of your pics on our Instagram and Facebook accounts as we go, so make sure you're following along and don't miss a thing.

So what are you waiting for weekend warriors?! 

Let's get this party started!!!

Happy Fourth of July!

Patriotic Chalkboard Printables
Independence Day reminds me of hotdogs and BBQ from the grill.
Apple pie topped with homemade ice cream.
Lemonade or a tall glass of sweet tea..
maybe these are all southern things.
Either way! Celebrate our freedom and the land we love.

HI Friends, This is Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

I hope you are enjoying your 4th of July.

In the patriotic spirit of things let's talk about a few USA goodies.

I usually teach a unit on the USA around President’s Day each February. Sometimes it drags on for a few weeks- other years I might do one week.

We always learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I also teach facts and show pictures of our current President.


This is also the time I teach map skills and focus on recognizing the USA map and our state. Map Skills is one of my favorite skills to teach and the kids LOVE it! 

 I put out a special table of books about our country. 
Included are picture albums that were from a trip to Washington DC. 
Nothing like seeing a picture of your teacher in front of the White House!

We did Lincoln and Washington directed drawings.

After I took the directed drawings down- I made them into class books. They were a favorite for the rest of the year.

After we learn important {and fun} America facts- we play a little trivia game.

These trivia questions are a free download in my store.
I have been pinning like crazy to update my USA pinterest board in hopes you might check it out and repin a few ideas. It is jammed pack with tons of red, white and blue!


“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Classroom Updates

Hey y'all!  It's Amy from Step into 2nd Grade!  Is anyone getting ready for next year yet??!!  Well, I'm definitely not at this very second, but I did do quite a bit of revamping before I left for the summer.  We are very fortunate at my school because we get to leave our bulletin boards and walls in tact over the summer.  The cleaning crews move furniture, but they don't touch our walls if we don't want them to.  Such a blessing, let me tell you!

Here are some of the updates that I made...

This is the back of my classroom area...I store all of my teacher resources, craft supplies, and junk in this area!  My students use this area for washing hands, getting drinks, picking up their graded papers, and getting sharpened pencils!  The blank number signs are where we will keep track of our AR points.  Students wills sign their name when they reach each AR milestone!
Welcome Banner, Punch Out Letters and Numbers, Chalkboard Borders:  Teacher Created Resources (Chalkboard Brights collection)

I bought these adhesive star mirrors from Amazon and I love how they turned out!  I used burlap banners and ribbon all over my classroom to soften things up!
Star Mirrors:  Amazon- HERE and HERE, Chalk Punch Out Letters:  Teacher Created, Burlap Ribbon and Banner:  Wal Mart

I wanted to add a little fun above my door.  Previously I had a ribbon banner, but it was soooo dusty that I decided to take it down.  I just made random arrows out of colored paper because I didn't center the words correctly, ha!
Border and Letters:  Teacher Created
Fabric:  Hobby Lobby

This is something new that I am going to try out for next year.  Each grading period I am going to display students who have displayed good citizenship.  I will post their names or pictures under the 1, 2, 3, 4 (for our 4 grading periods).  They love seeing their pictures all over the place!
Fabric, Burlap pennants and ribbon:  Hobby Lobby
Classroom Rooms:  Teacher Created
Punch Out Letters:  Mardel

If you noticed, I used a lot of goodies from Teacher Created Resources!  I just love their Chalkboard Brights collection!  If you are coming to Vegas you may be the lucky winner of one of their gift baskets!  They are one of generous sponsors!!!
And, do you remember our Instagram Scavenger Hunt from last year??!!  Well, be sure to check back on SUNDAY (June 5th) to get all the details for this year!!


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