More Ideas Than Time!

Do you have more ideas than time?  I know I do.  My brain is busting over with ideas of things to create for TpT and my classroom.  Ideas hit me all the time, but most often they hit me while I am in the middle of doing something in my classroom or while I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep.  I don't want to forget these ideas, so I jot them down on To-Do Lists or in a small notebook that I keep in my purse or the one I keep by my bed.  I may not get to these ideas right away but writing them down will remind me of them when I do have some free time.  

I have created free "Busy Teacher's To-Do Lists" for you!  Click {here} to download them today.  


 I hope you find these useful! 
Happy Teaching!
-Erica Bohrer


  1. So cute and perfect for our busy minds!!!!

  2. Great idea :)


  3. Thanks, Erica, for all of the things you share!

    Now I can cross off "Make a To Do List" off my To Do List!


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