Christmas Gift Ideas and Polar Express Freebie

I hope many of you are enjoying the start of your Christmas break!  I'm not because we have 5 more days!  BLAH!!  I have been Little Miss Craft-O-Holic these past few days getting ready for the last week of school and putting together some gifts for my daughter's 3 teachers and my parent helpers!  Wowsers!!  It was exhausting!!
I saw this super cute idea on my co-workers desk and fell in love!!  I decided this would be a perfect gift along with ornaments and gift cards!  All you need are the jumbo size binder clips, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and beads or buttons.

I have been working on a new Polar Express Unit but it is not quite ready for my TpT store...sorry.  I decided to offer a part of it free and will update you when I finish it.  Click the picture link to download.

Polar Express: Build-A-Train

Happy Holidays!


  1. Did you use modge podge to get the paper to stay on the clips? I think I'll try some of those to make for gifts!!

  2. I used rubber cement then paper clips to hold it in place until it dried. You probably could use Modge Podge over the paper then add the decorations after that dries. I might try that if I make more just to see how they would turn out.


  3. Ah, that's easy enough Stacy! I'm going to try the spray adhesive with my kiddos at school. I'll let you know how it goes.

  4. Love, love, love! They would adorable place card holders for the holidays and the guests could take it home as a little treat :) Thanks you!

  5. WOW...!!! Nice ideas. I was looking for some really great gift ideas and finally i found it.

  6. I saw this cool beautiful abstraction on my co-workers board and fell in love!! I absitively this would be a absolute allowance forth with ornaments and allowance cards! All you charge are the colossal admeasurement adhesive clips, anthology paper, ribbon, and chaplet or buttons.

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  9. Anonymous30 July, 2012

    Very creative, you had made this clips into art and an eye candy.

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