Back to School with Names Part 2

Hi lovely Blog Hoppers! It's Mel with you today - I blog over at Frog Spot Blog

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This time last year I wrote my very first Blog Hoppin' post! What a fantastic year it has been - these ladies are some of the sweetest people I know and it continues to be an honour to blog here.

My first post had some ideas for using student names in your Back to School work. You can take a peek at those ideas again by clicking on the image below:

One thing I always do for the first 10 weeks of teaching the lower grades, is to make a class set of 'name sheets'. This is just a blank sheet of paper for each student with their name typed up in a tracing font in the top left hand corner. For Kindergarten I would also draw a little star before their name (I call it the 'starting star' as it helps them know where to locate the starting position for writing). 

Here is the font I used. 

Now, I keep this class set of names close by for the first 10 weeks of school. Every time I copy paper for ANYTHING that is to handed to the students, I run the paper through a second time and put these on the back. 

Every time I hand the papers out, the students have to flip the paper and trace their name. 
This helps:
- students that do not know how to write their name yet
- students that need help with correct letter formation
- students that cannot read/identify their name yet
- 'LOST' notes and papers (every page has a name, so I know whose has been dropped on the floor!)

If the worksheet also has a place to write their name on the front, students have to remember how their name looks, and flip it over to write - so we work on visual memory  and letter formation again. After 10 weeks of this, we have our names perfect!

I made a new freebie for you today, to work with names for the Back to School time. This one will help support work on an 'All About Me' unit as well as being a good stand alone activity. Students will create a little poster about their name and do some focus work about the letters in their name. 

You can find it over in my TpT store HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by today - have a wonderful 'back to school'

- Mel x


  1. Thank you so much!!! I love your name freebies and I greatly appreciate them!!

  2. These are so great! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource!

  3. Thank you! Which font did you use for the words "Name" and "Melanie"?

  4. Perfect activity to review many concepts!

  5. I would also like to know the font used. Thanks!

  6. Cool. Did you print their first and last name on the back or just their first?

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